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  The West Central Railway Employees Union (WCREU) was formed in Jabalpur division, Bhopal division which was a part of Central Railway and Kota division Add Content/Layoutswhich was a part of Western Railway. West Central Railway New Zone came into effect from 01.04.2003 through Gazette Notification by Ministry of Railways, Government of India, when Bhopal Mandal and Jabalpur Mandal were working in the Union Union recognized Railway National Workers Union and Kota Mandal of Western Railway. The recognized union was employed in the Western Railway Employees Union. In this way, the leadership of AIRF, after discussing with the officials of the three divisions, was entrusted with the responsibility of Kota Board to register a new union in the new zone West Central Railway and in the same series duly registered union of the West Central Railway Employees Union dated 04.03. 2003 (Registration No. KT / ARTU / 1/2003) was made and since then the West Central Railway Employees Union came into existence as registered union in the new zone West Central Railway. 

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Mukesh Galav, GS-WCREU addressing

 आॅल इण्डिया रेलवेमेन्स फैडरेशन के आव्हान पर वेस्ट सेन्ट्रल रेलवे एम्पलाईज यूनियन द्वारा रेलवे के निजीकरण के खिलाफ पूरे पश्चिम मध्य रेलवे के कोटा, जबलपुर व भोपाल मंडलों के सभी कार्यस्थल, रेलवेकाॅलोनी तथा समस्त स्थानों पर दिनांक 14 सितम्बर से 19 सितम्बर 2020 तक निजीकरण के खिलाफ जनआन्दोलन कार्यक्रम आयोजित किये जायें तथा अधिक से अधिक संख्या में एकत्रित होकर कार्यक्रमों को सफल बनाये

All India Protest

3 July 2020

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